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History of Abdi Sabda Seminary

After the failed communist coudeta in the 1965 many non Christian converted to Christianity in order to avoid persecution from the government due to their link to communist party. The increasing number of Christians did not followed by the increasing number of church workers particularly in the Gereformeerd Church in Indonesia. In order to meet the shortage in Church workers mentioned above the Gereformeerd Church in Indonesia invited several churches in North Sumatra namely: Karo Batak Protestant Church (GBKP), Simalungun Protestant Christian Church (GKPS), Banua Niha Keriso Protestant (BNKP) to establish a school preparing for evangelist and teachers for Christian education in schools.

A meeting was set up and the following representative attended the meeting namely:

  1. Rev. Sep Purnahadikawahyo and Rev. KLF. Legrand represent Gereformeerd Church in Indonesia (GKT-Sumut)
  2. Rev. Anggapen Ginting Suka from Batak Karo Protestant Church (GBKP)
  3. Rev. Ros Telambanua from Nias Christian Protestant Church (BNKP)
  4. Rev. A. Wilmar Saragih and Rev. S.P. Dasuha from Simalungun Christian Protestant Church (GKPS)

The meeting agreed upon the establishment of Education for Church Workers Foundation or Yayasan Pendidikan Petugas Gereja or YPGG with the aim of running a school to trained church workers and candidate of church workers. By the year of 1967 the foundation mentioned above was established by four churches aforesaid.
In order to broaden its service and ministry YPPG was changed to Abdi Sabda Foundation and open itself to accept new members and name them as the supporting churches by the year 1987. By that year Abdi Sabda was supported by six churches. Four as the founding churches and the rest categorized as supporting churches. The six are the following:

1. Batak Karo Protestant Church (GBKP) - Calvinist
2. Simalungun Christian Protestant Church (GKPS) - Lutheran
3. Nias Christian Protestant Church (BNKP) - Lutheran
4. Gereformeerd Church in Indonesia (GKI-Sumut) - Calvinist
5. Indonesian Protestant Church (HKI) - Lutheran
6. Angkola Christian Protestant Church (GKPA) - Lutheran

In order to achieve the aim mentioned above the following education were offered by Abdi Sabda Foundation namely:

  1. A trairting ground for evangelist and training for teachers (SPG) this one was started in the 1968 and was closed in the 1976.
  2. In the 1983 Abdi Sabda started to offer program for teachers teaching Christian education in schools.
  3. At the same year Abdi Sabda theological schools was changed to Abdi Sabda theological Institute and offered two program namely: bachelor of Christian Education. Two years after succeed in running Bachelor in Christian Education Abdi Sabda also offered bachelor of theology and also bachelor in theology major in training for lay people.
  4. By the year of 1997 Abdi Sabda seminary offered Masteral program for Theology, Ministry and Divinity.
    Present Situation of Abdi Sabda seminary

At present Abdi Sabda seminary are supported by the following churches namely:
1. Batak Karo Protestant Church (GBKP)-Calvinist
2. Simalungun Christian Protestant Church (GKPS)-Lutheran
3. Nias Christian Protestant Church (BNKP)-Lutheran
4. Gereformeerd Church in Indonesia (GKI-Sumut)-Calvinist
5. Indonesian Protestant Church (HKI)-Lutheran
6. Angkola Christian Protestant Church (GKPA)-Lutheran,
7. Indonesia Christian Protestant Church (GKPI) –Lutheran.

Number of student
At present Abdi Sabda seminary has the following number of student:
389 theological student
116 Christian Education student
23 post graduate student.


Our Library books composed of total of 8316 titles or 15038 books.

Computer Facilities/Internet for the student

At present Abdi Sabda seminary only has 15 computers in good condition but the The construction for Internet facility is on going.

At present there are 16 permanent faculties teaching at Abdi Sabda Seminary. Out of 16 three (3) are faculties sending our our mission partner namely OMF and NLM. The following are the list of faculties at Abdi Sabda seminary:
1. Rev.Dr. Jontor Situmorang MTh, chairman
2. Rev. Ruben Bangun MTh, 1st vice chairman
3. Rev. Dr. Jaharianson Saragih STh, Msi, 2nd vice chairman
4. Rev. Kaleb Manurung MTh, 3rd vice chairman
5. Rev. Dr. Batara Sihombing MTh, Post Graduate Director
6. Rev. Thomas Johanis Nanulaitta MTh Head of theology department
7. Rev. Jhon Renis Saragih M.Th, Secretary of Theological dept
8. Rev. Agus Jetron Saragih M.Th,, secretary of Christian Education Dept
9. Rev. Rohni Pasu Sinaga M.Th, Secretary of Christian Education dept
a. Rev Bertha Lyna M.Th, secretary of post graduate secretary dept.
10. Rev. Sada Kata Ginting’s, M.Th, head of outreach program
11. Rev. Elieser Perpulungen Ginting’s DPS, head of lay people education program
12. Rev. Jahenos Saragih, M.Th, MM,dormitory head
13. Rev. Barmen Sinaga, library head

When it came to accreditation Abdi Sabda has been accredited by the Department of Religion and was conferred with a new and increasing status from enlisted to being recognized. Abdi Sabda theological seminary was the only school of theology with the aforesaid status in North Sumatra. With regards to the post graduate accreditation Abdi Sabda was accredited by the Consorsium School of Theology in Indonesia by the year of 2005 and was given the status being accredited.
Effect/Impact of the political and socio-economic in the country on the church life

Many of Abdi Sabda graduates became the leaders of the churches in North Sumatra. They became bishops, general secretary and district superintendent. In other words many of them on the position of decision maker that can make an impact on the political and sodo economic in the country on the church. At present almost majority of pastors in North Sumatra Churches namely: GKPS, HKI, GBKP, BNKP, GKPA, are graduates of Abdi Sabda Seminary. The contribution of this seminary is really great. Abdi Sabda seminary also actively involve in religious dialogue in North Sumatra through the present of one of its lecturer. Actively participate with in Moslem-Christian dialogue also within the university setting.
In the near future Abdi Sabda even will work together with the government Moslem institute in doing research about society problem.
Within our surrounding areas Abdi Sabda actively helping the poor for sending their student to school by providing scholarship. In the near future Abdi Sabda plan to enrich the children of the poor from our surrounding areas for acquiring skills in computer and English language.
When it comes to the national and international meetings Abdi Sabda always participate fully. By doing so Abdi Sabda contribute significantly either in the political, educational, and socio-economic of the country.

Main Priorities and Activities
Abdi Sabda main priorities right now are in line with our vision to become the best seminary in Indonesia particularly in the field of counseling pastoral or pastoral theology. With regards to that vision some priorities are being set up namely:

a. Physical development
Having five more houses for the faculties. Expanding the library by adding new building 9x12 M. Having more class room as the preparation for doctoral program.

b.Faculty development
Program Sending more faculties out of country or in country for their doctoral degree.
c.Program development
Offering doctoral program for the year of 2008. By the year of 2010-2015 up grading Abdi Sabda to University Increasing number of books to 15.000 title by the year of 2010.

Bilateral Partners in Mission and Development

  1. With OMF: With this organization Abdi Sabda partner in mission only. OMF always send their missionary to teach at Abdi Sabda seminary . Whenever Abdi Sabda has a mission program for reaching the people who still do not know Christ this institution always ready to help.
  2. With NLM: With this organization Abdi Sabda partner in mission and development. NLM starting 4 years ago has send lecturers to Abdi Sabda and two years open to support Abdi Sabda financially for abdi sabda ministry car, books grant, scholarships,
  3. With LWF: For Constructing four houses for the lecturer
  4. With LCA : for books grant
  5. With Westfalia church for books grant
  6. With LCMS Missoury for short courses.

Ecumenical Relations
Abdi Sabda is an ecumenical seminary in itself. This seminary are supported by seven denomination in North Sumatra as mentioned above. The bilateral partners mentioned above also part of our ecumenical relations.
Abdi Sabda also has relation with UIM Wuppertal Germany and ELCA USA. UIM representatives, Sofie bodegon, always visit Abdi Sabda during her visit to Medan, Indonesia.